Phase 1 – Details

Bee Pollination Pollination represents a Data/Control Flow. Bees pollinating flowers in a meadow flying from flower to flower in a Data/Control flow sequence. The goal is to represent a bee that is collecting pollen from different flowers, therefore, changing to status of the bee’s location in the form of simple colors. The bee cross pollinates a flower and changes the color based on its last visit. Continue reading Phase 1 – Details

Homework 1 ATEC6343 2014

This photo is a reference pulled from the web based on the Othello game. The white side representing 1 and the black side representing 0. It is encoded by 3 columns 1st and 2nd column┬árepresents the century and the 3rd column represents the decade and year. White Circle = 1 Black Circle = 0 I took this photo from the web and combined it with my sketch on campus in the ATEC building 3rd floor section 9 room 14.   Continue reading Homework 1 ATEC6343 2014

Homework 1 ATEC6343 3914

For my first encoded map I used the picture of the ATEC building map. Most people could not figure out how the class numbers and sections were created. So this gave me an idea to color code the floor and convert the section and room into binary base 2 code. Floors 1-4: 1 = red, 2 = green, 3 = blue, and 4 = black(alpha) Sections: binary base 2 Room: binary base 2 This picture was taken on campus ATEC building section 9 room 14 of the 3rd floor.     Continue reading Homework 1 ATEC6343 3914